I strive to find the absolute best insurance for each client, protecting families and the health and future of each individual.


Our company looks to Gus as an invaluable source of information regarding our insurance needs. Gus is always readily available to answer any questions regarding  plans, pricing, or options. His professionalism, compassion, patience and overall knowledge allows us to feel confident in the choices we make for our company and for our employees. We heavily rely on his expertise s each and every year and feel extremely fortunate to have him in our corner. We certainly consider him to be part of the Companion Animal Hospital team!

Samantha Finch
Practice Manager
Companion Animal Hospital

From a Valued Marketplace Client

“I am writing because I need to compliment and thank Gus¬†Bohler. I was resubmitting my Marketplace application this year, and once again felt unsure and uninformed. Last year I went through the process and chose a very costly plan, that frankly wasn’t worth the money.

I asked Gus if this was something he would help me with and he answered absolutely. Upon agreement with the budget, Gus set off to see what he could find. He came back to me with several options. We picked a plan and a couple of months into it, found it to be exactly what my family needed. At half the cost. Gus did a wonderful job for me and my family. I sincerely can’t thank him enough.”

Stu Eiseman


From a Valued Group Insurance Client:

“U.S. Medical Group, Inc. has utilized the services of Gus Bohler since the compapny’s inception. Gus researches an array of services and products best suited to our unique business, then takes the time to thoroughly explain the provisions and benefits of each and coordinates the best coverage. Any questions or concerns are promptly answered. A second phone call is never needed – Gus responds quickly! We can rely on Gus to always look after the best interest of U.S. Medical Group, Inc.”

Connie Gresham, U.S. Medical Group, Inc., Orlando, Florida


From a Valued Partner:

“Gus has a fantastic hands on approach with every client he serves. His experience is invaluable for the unknown variables and challenges healthcare is faced with today. I would highly recommend Gus to any business owner.”

Dominic Monfred, Assurant Employee Benefits, Jacksonville, Florida

From a Valued Individual Insurance Client:

“I had the opportunity to utilize Gus Bohler’s services earlier this year. I needed an individual health insurance plan since the group insurance through my employer was terminated. Mr. Bohler was able to provide several different options that met the criteria I had outlined to him. Mr. Bohler was professional, prompt, and courteous. He took the time to answer my questions and offer suggestions to best meet my health insurance needs. I would recommend Mr. Bohler to others who are seeing heatlh insurance plans.”

Carla H. Guidry , Clearwater, Florida